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Thank you very much for your interest in our high quality products.

Currently it is not possible to buy directly from the online shop with an address in Switzerland or Liechtenstein. Our shop is designed to make it as easy as possible for the customer to order the desired product and have it delivered. However, the effort and the costs of customs clearance per parcel prevent this completely. Therefore the order and the effective delivery cannot be carried out automatically “at the click of a mouse”. We ask for your understanding, but there are other ways to do this.

Delivery to Switzerland and Liechtenstein is still possible!

Delivery to a shipping address in the EU

The advantage of this shipping option is the complete shipping insurance up to € 500 as well as favourable shipping charges – depending on the order quantity also free of charge.

VARIANT 1 – Self-clearance for sales tax refund:

It is possible to order with a billing address in Switzerland or Liechtenstein, but to have it delivered to an address in the EU. In this case, an immediate tax-free invoice is no longer immediately possible, i.e. you pay the full value-added tax with the order. On request, we will enclose a U34 form for self-customs clearance with your order, which you can have stamped as an export together with the invoice at the customs office. You can then send us the original form by post. After receipt and verification we will refund the VAT directly to your bank account or PayPal. Due to the very high expenditure we charge a handling fee of € 30,00 Euro for orders with a net value of goods below € 125,00.

VARIANT 2 – Delivery to a parcel service at the border

Similar to variant 1 and yet different. On the one hand, you can use the service of the parcel service near the border for the delivery of your order. The alternative is option 2 in which the parcel service takes care of the import into Switzerland and Liechtenstein and delivers your order directly to your home. Please contact the parcel service directly to clarify the issue of VAT refunds. Details can be obtained directly from the respective parcel service. Below are the addresses we already know with regard to this parcel service.


Grenzpaket GmbH
Michael Aust
Hirsacker 14
78244 Gottmadingen, Deutschland


Swiss Paket
Westendstrasse 23
79725 Laufenburg, Deuschland

From a delivery weight of 10 kilograms, shipping directly to Switzerland is also possible. Please let us know your product request by e-mail at info (at) opbody.shop or by phone at +43 (0)664 2055557. You will then receive an offer including delivery to Switzerland.

Your team from the VetMedCare OP-Body Shop