We strive to continuously offer modern payment methods for your easy and convenient shopping. Below is a list of the currently available payment methods:


This is the easiest way to order. There is no more detailed data check for creditworthiness. You make your payment in advance following your order. We ship your order after receipt of payment. Please be sure to include your customer number, order number or order number with the transfer for a quick assignment of your payment. We enclose the invoice with your order. The delivery of goods takes the longest time with this form of payment. We do not charge any additional handling fees for this form of payment.

Instant bank transfer, Giropay, iDeal, Bancontact, etc.

Sofortüberweisung, giropay, iDeal, Bancontact

Payment methods such as Instant bank transfer, Giropay, iDeal, Bancontact, etc. work like normal online transfers at your bank. You can complete the payment process for an online purchase directly from your personal online account.

Directly after you have pressed the button “Order with costs”, the transfer process is started and the transfer mask is loaded. In an already pre-filled transfer form (merchant bank details, transfer amount, order number as reason for payment) you only need to enter your bank code, account number and name and then confirm the transaction as usual with your PIN and TAN.

Credit card

kreditkarte-301VISA, Mastercard and American Express. With these credit cards you can shop comfortably with us. We use the financial service provider Stripe to process your credit card payment.


paypal-301PayPal has become a worldwide term for your payment security. After the purchase you will be forwarded to PayPal for payment.

Purchase on account

Klarna Payment BadgeIn cooperation with Klarna Financial Services, we offer customers in Austria, Germany and the Netherlands the invoice purchase as payment option. The payment period for Klarna Invoice is 14 days from the invoice date. The invoice is issued when the goods are shipped and Klarna sends it directly by e-mail. Only the delivery note is enclosed with the dispatched package.

Please note that the payment method “purchase on account” will only be displayed on the cashier’s desk after selecting the country. Furthermore, the billing address and delivery address must be identical and correspond to your private residence. Orders to companies and P.O. box addresses are not possible with purchase on account.

The payment will be made to Klarna. Please note that Klarna invoice is only available for consumers. For more information and Klarna’s full terms and conditions for purchase on account, please see here customers from Austria or rather customers from Germany.

Purchase with payment in instalments. This form of payment is currently available exclusively for customers from Germany and is also processed via Klarna. You buy identically to the purchase on account, the shipment will take place immediately after approval by Klarna. The amount of the installment payment as well as conditions are displayed before the purchase.

The maximum purchase limit is € 1.500,00. If Klarna refuses to accept the “purchase on account” (amount over € 1.500,00 or insufficient creditworthiness), please choose another form of payment. We cannot give you any information about the refusal, because Klarna does not inform us about the reason. Please contact Klarna directly for information.

Apple Pay & Google Pay

Apple Pay und Google Pay

Apple Pay and Google Pay are the latest payment methods which we activated in April 2019 as the easiest way for our customers to order. With this modern technology Apple and Google offer the easiest shopping experience through fingerprint. Simply select the desired product or move it into the shopping cart and then click on the Apple Pay or Google Pay button. The entire addressing and price overview is loaded automatically, all that remains is to confirm the purchase by fingerprint. Done.

Bitcoin & Altcoin

Bitcoin & Altcoin

Bitcoin and Altcoin are known as cryptocurrencies and are mainly based on the Blockchain technology. Payment is made directly from sender to recipient, independent of banks, secured by the very secure block chain technology.

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