Beispiel einer ausgefüllten Kassaseite.
Example of a completed payment register page.

Our hotline for all cases is +43 664 2055557 or just write us at  info (at) or use the live chat on the bottom left.



Please pay attention to all mandatory fields!

  1. Input of personal data and address with house number
    For the address we use an automatic address check. Enter everything in one piece without a comma, e.g. “münchen esterbergstraße 13 deutschland”. The address will appear directly below to click on.
  2. Select the desired payment method in the right column
  3. Acceptance of the general terms and conditions and cancellation policy in the right column
  4. Click on the button “BUY PAYMENT
    Depending on the chosen payment method, the purchase is completed or you will be redirected to the payment provider to make the payment.
  5. Display order overview and you will receive an e-mail with all order details


Known obstacles that can make your purchase difficult

Error message: 'Country is a required field

With this error message the automatic address recognition has probably not worked.

Adresse nicht gefunden

Click on “Address not found? CLICK HERE” and enter now your complete address in 4 fields.

The shop is not working. No fields are displayed. Payment methods cannot be selected.

Deactivate blocking extensions in your browser

Blocker extensions interfere with basic functions of any online shop EXTREM. These can go so far that contents can no longer be displayed, payment systems no longer work or an order cannot be completed at all. The following are typical extensions which are known for problems with online shops. The only help here is to deactivate them for our online shop:

  • NoScript (
    NoScript is a browser extension which prevents automatic JavaScript functions in the browser. The consequence of this is that e.g. a product can no longer be placed in the shopping cart. The order button is not functional or the forwarding to the payment provider such as PayPal, Soforüberweisung or credit card does not take place.

    NoScript deaktivieren
    Deactivate NoScript
  • AdBlocker (
    AdBlocker is an extension which basically prevents unwanted and annoying advertising. This extension will rather not affect your purchase. However, Adblocker can definitely block the display of help or additional information on the individual products.

    Adblocker auf den Shop deaktivieren
    Deactivate Adblocker on the shop
The shop looks 'torn apart'. Fields and graphics are shifted senselessly.

Always use an up-to-date browser to surf the Internet – without exception!

Tip: Choose between the following three Internet programs to surf the Internet in a modern and multimedia way. Of course, there are other browsers that are also very suitable, such as Opera oder Safari (auf Mac).

LIVE-CHAT for fast technical assistance
Nutzen Sie den Live Chat
Use the Live Chat
We have introduced live chat for several reasons. The main reason was the quick answering of questions about the products. But also to be able to offer quick help should something in the shop not work. For a quick help it is always very helpful if we know which operating system and version you are using, name and version of the browser, error messages (if displayed) and a short description of what is not working.
Please understand if the chat is not continuously occupied 24 hours a day. We are online for you as often as possible!