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Simply great - my male dog felt comfortable in it very quickly. He wore this bodysuit day and night, went for a walk with it and if it was dirty, he could put it on again after washing. Thanks to the zipper the dressing and undressing was a child's play. Thanks for this great development! Goodbye neck brace!
Elke Schäfer - avatar Elke Schäfer

Great product - can only be recommended and I am glad that I bought the bodysuit for our dog.
Angelika Wiest - avatar Angelika Wiest

Dear Ms. Pahl,
Thank you very much for your feedback; we are sorry that two seams on your body have torn, of course this should not be the case. If possible, we would ask you to send us some photos of the defects so that we can look at them together with our product development and then get back to you.
We thank you in advance for your help, if you have any questions we are always happy to help! Best regards - Your opbodyshop team
Stephan Hohn - avatar Stephan Hohn

fits very well and was well received! unfortunately 2 seams tore already after 2 days, although we always took care to dress and undress carefully!
Petra - avatar Petra